Classic Loop Car Mats

Classic Loop Car Mats are our most economical car mat option among our carpet car mat lineup.

Classic Loop mats are made polypropylene in a loop style pattern increasing crush, soil and stain resistance and offering a 20oz face weight (1/4" thick).

8 of the most popular OEM matching colors are available. All come with a matching woven binding and are produced to fit the specifics of your year, make and model.

A water-resistant, latex-coated Multi-Layer Backing on these car mats increases durability, moisture protection and traction. A factory-compatible anchoring device is available for the front seat car mats.

Lifestyle and Personalized embroideries are also available.

Classic Loop Car Mats come with a 5 year warranty.

Item No: CFMCL

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    I see these car mats are custom cut for each vehicle - how long for the mat to ship out?
    - Mark L.

    Even though the mats are manufactured for each vehicle's floor configuration, all car mats typically ship out within 2-3 business days. For mats with a design or logo embroidered, it can add an additional day or two.

    Are these custom cut for my car?
    - Grace S.

    YES!  Each car mat, whether it's for the front, rear or trunk, is specifically designed to fit the contours of the floor of your vehicle's particular year / make / model / additional configuration.  There are even explicit layouts for unique features (such as benches vs captains chairs, RWD vs AWD, hard top vs convertible, just to name a few).  Every single car mat is expertly engineered to fit the vehicle it's going in while conforming to the latest and most stringent government safety regulations.

    Do the mats stay in place? Will the work with my car's floor hooks?
    - Jules A.

    Great question - These car mats have a skid-resistant backing to help hold them in place as well as factory-compatible fasteners that firmly secure the mats in place, regardless of the vehicle type.  These fasteners (aka safety anchors) will work with your vehicle's current anchoring system - whether they are hooks, loops, tabs, etc.  If your vehicle does not have any type of fastener (usually on older vehicles), a universal floor anchor will be provided free of charge that will hold on to any carpeted car floor.

    Are the logos official and use the true colors?
    - Neil D.

    All of the logos offered for both the car manufacturers as well the particular models are officially licensed.  All designs and colors are officially-approved as well.

    Where are these car floor mats made?
    - Martha R.

    All of our premium, custom-sized car mats are manufactured here in the US from American sourced components.  These car mats meet the strictest safety regulations on material, quality and craftmanship.

    How do we clean these car mats?
    - Al J.

    Most day-to-day dirt and debris can be removed by simply shaking out the mats.  For a more thorough cleaning, carmats can also be vacuumed.  For a deeper cleaning, simply hose the mats down with a little car wash soap or even dish soap.

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