Waterhog Fashion Drainable Mats

Waterhog Drainable Mats are perfect for exposed outdoor locations where rain and snow are present. Water simply runs right off the sloped borders and thus does not pool within the mat. The raised square ("waffle-like") surface aggressively scrape shoes clean of dirt and water.

• Waterhog Drainable Floor Mats are made with a matching fabric border.

• The Waterhog mat's surface is made of an anti-static, polypropylene which dries quickly and does not fade or rot, making the Waterhog Fashion Drainage Mat an ideal door mat for outdoor areas.

• To clean your Waterhog Drainage Mat, vacuum, hose off and hang to dry or use extraction cleaning methods.

• Waterhog Drainage Door Mats have 20% recycled content.

Item No: W.EWHFD

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Waterhog Fashion Drainable Mats
  • Waterhog Fashion Drainable Mats
  • Waterhog Fashion Drainable Mats
  • Waterhog Fashion Drainable Mats
  • Waterhog Fashion Drainable Mats

Standard Configuration

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26-1000 $36.32
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1-5 $198.12
6-10 $195.08
11-25 $192.36
26-1000 $189.44
1-5 $159.32
6-10 $156.64
11-25 $153.40
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11-25 $236.24
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1-5 $367.84
6-10 $363.44
11-25 $359.20
26-1000 $356.64

Customer Questions & Answers

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I see that the mat is called Drainable but how is it different from the traditional Waterhog Classic mat?
- Greg L.

Good question!  All 4 borders on the Waterhog Classic Fashion Drainable Mat do not have solid rubber under the fabric edging (which would prevent moisture from flowing (draining) off the sides of the mat and onto the floor). The Drainable version is typically used outdoors so that the rain and snow can easily drain off the sides of the mat and allow the surface to dry more quickly.

I like the look of the Drainable border but I'm using this Waterhog floor mat inside. Is there a better option for my floor?
- Meg L.

Although the Waterhog Drainage mat can be used indoors, a better option would be the Waterhog Classic Fashion Mat, since this product has the most similar design (including the borders) and, most importantly, has the water-dam border to prevent rain/snow and other liquids from flowing off the sides of the mat and draining onto the surrounding floor.

Why is there a gripper backing available if these mats are meant for outdoor use? Isn't the gripper traditionally used on top of carpet?
- Luis D.

Excellent point. This Waterhog mat's rubber backing is available with a Gripper (cleated) texture as well as the traditional Smooth texture for use on hard, flat (or relatively flat) surface.  In some instances, these Drainable Waterhog mats are placed on top of an outdoor carpet or turf material and the grippers help hold the mat in place best.

Is there any concern regarding door clearance with the Drainable version of the Waterhog Mat? We want to ensure that a swinging door will safely open and close over this floormat.
- June R.

The Waterhog Fashion Drainable Mat has a nominal 3/8" (9mm) thickness, meanin it is slightly less than 3/8" (but still slightly greater than 1/4").  Moreover, these mats are designed to have a relatively low profile and should be fine for use in front of virtually all commercial and residential doors.  However, we are always happy to send out a free, cut sample of the actual material so that customers can test the door clearance before purchasing a Waterhog Drainable mat (or any product)!

I want to make sure that this is the official Waterhog Mat made in America. Please confirm.
- Henry T.

These Waterhog Fashion Drainable Mats, along with all of the Waterhog Mats offered here, are the official, original Waterhog Floor Mats, which are produced here Georgia with only American-sourced raw components.  We take pride in manufacturing a product here in the USA with US materials and US labor.

Are custom shapes and sizes available in this Waterhog Drainable floor mat?
- Anonymous

Although we offer custom sizes in many Waterhog products such as the Waterhog Classic Fashion (being the most similar in style, pattern and colors) as well as a wide variety of other Waterhog floor mats, and can even do custom shapes in some matting products, unfortunately, custom sizes and shapes are not attainable at this time with the Fashion Drainable Mat.  Please message/call us to discuss your exact needs so we can recommend the most customizable appropriate mat for your application.

What happens to a Waterhog Drainable mat if it's cut? (There are built-in floor cabinets that slightly get in the way of using the appropriate size floormat.)
- Lulu V.

The best and safest way to trim down a Waterhog Mat is by using a utility (razor) knife with a fresh blade.  Waterhog mats (including the Drainable version), will not unravel or deteriorate if a portion of it is cut off. Please note, however, that the sloped edging where the mat is cut will now be removed (but as long as that area is butting up again a wall, a cabinet or some other structure, everything should be fine).

Will the Waterhog Drainable surface material fade or get moldy if left outdoors full-time?
- Horace G.

All Waterhog mats have a polypropylene fabric surface which is stain-, fade- and mildew-resistant.  Even with prolonged outdoor use, these mats remain aggressive enough to clean dirty shoes and wet boots yet gentle enough to walk across barefoot, even for someone with sensitive feet.  Waterhog Drainable Mats can be exposed to the sun, rain, snow and other elements and still hold up just fine for many, many years.

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