Waterhog ECO Recycled Mats

Environmentally Green Entrance Mats consist of entrance mats made from recycled materials and entrance mats derived from natural, self-sustaining organic materials. Both types of door mats still have the same commercial quality and durability as our standard products.

Waterhog ECO Premier/ECO Grand Premier Mats: Diamond Pattern

These recycled Waterhog Eco Mats have a DIAMOND design on the surface which most effectively removes dirt and moisture from shoes. The 100% recycled construction of these Waterhog Mats offers an environmentally green option with the same durability.

Waterhog ECO Elite/ECO Grand Elite Mats: Herringbone Pattern

Our Waterhog Eco Elite Mats offer a herringbone (chevron) or zigzag surface pattern that works hard to remove debris and water. Made of all recycled materials, our environmentally sound Waterhog door mats present a heavy-duty, green alternative.
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