Custom Waterhog Logo Mats: Now More Options Than Ever

Custom Waterhog Logo Mats:  Now More Options Than Ever

Waterhog Mats have become a staple in the flooring industry as durable, commercial-grade floor mats that help prevent dirt, water and debris from being tracked inside.   The non-logo versions of these mats are available with customized lengths and the logo mats were limited to only one style until recently.  Now, several different styles of custom Waterhog logo mats are available to fit any application and environment.

The traditional Waterhog Logo Floor Mats are still the most popular today.  These mats have the classic raised-square or waffle pattern and come in 19 standard colors for both the background and logo areas. With these traditional Waterhog Logo Floor Mats, the logo is inlaid into the background material much like a puzzle piece to produce a mat with razor sharp color definition.  These waterhog mats are available in sizes ranging from 2’ x 3’ all the way to 6’ x 60’ and have the option of a beveled black rubber border or a matching fabric border.

A similar logo option is the Waterhog Impression Logo Mat, which have many of the same features as the traditional Waterhog Logo Floor Mats with two notable exceptions.  The first difference is that these custom logo mats are only available with the matching fabric borders, not the black rubber.  More importantly, however, is how the logo is produced: these mats start out pure white and are permanently dyed with fade-resistant colors to create the background and logo areas.  The floor mats do not have the razor sharp color lines of the traditional version but are sometimes preferred with more complicated designs since they can achieve a greater level of detail, especially on smaller mats.

Waterhog Eco Berber Logo Mats are another heavy-duty Waterhog Mat alternative with much greater customization.  Whereas traditional Waterhog Logo Mats are only available in 3’, 4’ and 6’ widths and 1’ incremental lengths, the Waterhog Eco Berber Mats are available in sizes up to 12’ wide and 60’ long and can be manufactured in non-rectangular shapes and in increments of 1”.  These logo mats also use an inlay process similar to the traditional product but are available in more colors and have a berber, or hobnail, surface pattern to help scrape dirt and debris from shoes.  These mats are ideal for oversized and non-rectangular areas or applications where a mat is needed wall-to-wall, such as in a vestibule.

Waterhog Sculpture Logo Mats are a popular Waterhog floor mat option for large organizations wanting a subtler logo option.  These custom Waterhog mats are similar to the Waterhog Impressions Logo Mats in regards to surface pattern, available colors and matching fabric borders but differ in how the logo is produced: these floor mats use a die-press technology to mold the logo into the surface of the mat giving it a “branded” effect.  Thus, these mats are all one single color for the background, logo and borders and therefore appear more understated than their custom Waterhog counterparts.

The newest edition to the Waterhog family of custom logo mats is the Waterhog Signage Mats.  These mats are a convenient way for employers to have a mat that functions both to clean shoes and display warning messages for all that pass over the mats.  These mats are most similar to our non-logo Waterhog Classic Mats except they display a safety message on part of the mat, such as warning of dangers, offering safety tips and reminding those around to take specific precautions.  These Waterhog Sign Mats are popular in production plants, manufacturing facilities, laboratories and other locations where safety and following guidelines is of utmost importance.

With all the different Waterhog Logo Mat options available today, there is certainly one to fit virtually any location and environment.  Whether indoors or outside, custom shape or simply rectangular, simply design or complex details, we have a Waterhog logo mat to fit your needs.

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