High Definition Waterhog Logo Mats

High-Definition Waterhog Logo Mats

Waterhog Impressions HD Logo Mats offer unsurpassed design detail while boasting the same great heavy-duty qualities of the traditional Waterhog Mats

Waterhog Impressions HD Logo Mats are the latest innovation in custom designed floor mat technology.  These heavy-duty Waterhog Mats boast the commercial-grade characteristics that have made the Waterhog brand famous - a durable polypropylene surface, stain and fade resistant fibers, a sturdy, 100% rubber backing and beveled safety edges - with an improved method of creating custom designs to promote any company or brand.  These new high-definition Waterhog HD logo mats employ a state-of-the-art injection dye process to permanently color the surface of these mats, which allows for a virtually unlimited range of colors, shading/fading effects, unsurpassed levels of detail all while maintaining it's rugged, colorfast, signature waffle-textured surface pattern.

The first generation of Waterhog Impressions logo mats (which has since been discontinued) offered the standard eighteen colors only and could not capture the same level of detail as the current iteration while the surface of these older waterhog logo mats was softer and less capable of aggressively scraping off dirt and debris.  This reinvented high-definition Waterhog Logo mat takes everything to the next level, in that it addresses the aforementioned shortcomings while boasting all the same high-quality features found in the long-lasting Waterhog Classic and traditional Waterhog Logo Mats (aka Waterhog Logo Inlay Mats, which are much like a jigsaw puzzle, where the logo are cut out and the appropriate colors are inlaid into the base of the mat and then everything is bound together).

Due to manufacturing limitations of the old Waterhog Impressions mat and, to an extent, the limitations of the traditional Waterhog Logo Inlay mat, only a certain amount of detail could be captured in a given area.  The Waterhog Impressions High-Definition Logo Mats, however, reach a much great level of detail then ever imagined before.  These new Waterhog HD Logo Mats can blend their 56 standard colors to extend the overall color pallete, reproduce thin lines, capture fades and produce what looks to be almost like photo realistic images, given the textured, raised-square top surface of these door mats.

Despite the improved custom design reproduction capabilities while maintaining the rugged nature of these mats, the new hi-def Waterhog Logo Mats are offered at a minimal price adjustment from the traditional Waterhog logo mats.  Plus, these new products come with the same warranty as their sister products, a policy unmatched elsewhere in the industry.

Feel free to reach out for a free logo mat design proof, request a free physical, cut sample of the material and/or contact one of the sales staff here to help answer any questions with this product or any of the other custom designed logo floor mats offered.

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