How to Clean Waterhog Mats

A question often asked about heavy-duty Waterhog Mats is, "how should Waterhog Mats be cleaned and maintained?"

This is a great, pertinent and, thankfully, easy-to-answer question!  As previously discussed, Waterhog Mats are composed of a non-reactive, commercial-grade rubber backing and a premium, long-lasting polypropylene surface.   One of the benefits of using top-notch materials is that they are easier to keep clean and maintain.  Additionally, the rubber and polypropylene are stain-, fade- and mildew-resistant.

For basic cleaning, simply shake out the Waterhog Mat, which will remove much of the day-to-day dirt, dust and debris.  Although the mats can be swept, more dirt can be removed by vacuuming the mats.  The multi-directional pattern (that helps remove all sorts of contaminants from shoes and boots) should be vacuumed from different angles for best results.

For a deeper cleaning, all Waterhog Mats can be hosed off and left to air dry.  Using a sprayer nozzle will help penetrate deeper into the polypropylene surface fibers to help loosen stubborn dirt.  Although not necessary, using just a little dish soap will help remove more stubborn stains, pet odors and get the Waterhog a fresh and clean look and scent.

These heavy-duty mats can even been cleaned via power washing or extraction cleaning methods though it's certainly not necessary.

Very infrequently, and typically only done by commercial customers with on-site laundering facilities, Watehog Mats can even be professionally cleaned in a commercial-grade washer and dryer.  Please email for specific instructions to clean Waterhog matting via this method should you wish to do so.

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