Oversized, Extra-Large Waterhog Mats

One of the biggest drawbacks with most floor matting, and Waterhog Mats in particular, is the limitation on available sizes.  Most mats are available no larger than 6 feet wide (as most double doors are this width).  Thus, even though Waterhog floor mats are non-directional (and therefore we can consider either side the width and either side the length), mats larger than 6’ on both the width and length were, until recently not feasible.  The goods would be cut down from a 6’ wide roll, backed, beveled and finished and there was nothing that could be done.


Now we have two different options for oversized Waterhog matting where both the width and length are greater than 6 feet.  For recessed applications where the mat is inlaid into the floor, we can use a variety of different Waterhog Floor Mat Tiles to cover virtually any size or shape.  For most locations, however, where the mats are being laid on top of an already finished floor (either carpet or a hard surface such as wood, tile, marble, vinyl or concrete), Waterhog Berber Roll Mats are the answer.  These Waterhog mats are available in widths ranging from as narrow as 3’ all the way up to 12’ wide – twice as large as any other entrance floor mat.


Waterhog Floor Mat Tiles come in four different patterns and, depending on the pattern, up to 27 different colors in two thicknesses.  The different patterns offer a variety of aesthetic options while still aggressively scraping dirt, debris and moisture from shoes and boots.  The large spectrum of colors is sure to coordinate with just about any environment.  The 1/4" and 7/16” thick version are design to allow the Waterhog floor tile to lay flush with the surrounding finished floor to ensure a seamless walking surface and to meet ADA compliant guidelines.


Waterhog Berber Floor Mats can be produced as small as 2’ x 3’ and as large as 12’ x 60’ and have a raised, hobnail pattern that cleans shoes regardless of the traffic direction.  These mats can be cut to incremental (ie, fractional) sizes and even into non-rectangular shapes.  Heavy-duty beveled edging provides a sloped transition on and off the mat and acts to prevent tripping while making the mat ADA-compliant.  The edging is not required when the mats are placed wall to wall or on any side of the Waterhog Roll Mat where people are not walking on and off (or carts, dollies or wheelchairs are not rolling on and off).


Additional colors and patterns will be available in the future but for now the wide variety of extra-large Waterhog mats for both recessed and surface-mounted areas should address virtually any application.

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