Waterhog Boot Tray Mats Keep Floors Clean & Dry


Waterhog Boot Tray Mats

The newest addition to the Waterhog Floor Mat family


Waterhog Boot Trays are the newest edition to the Waterhog family and, essentially, are miniature Waterhog mats that are designed to hold shoes and boots securely on the surface while protecting the floor below.  These boot trays help collect dirt, debris and moisture in their high/low surface pattern and prevent these contaminants from falling to the floor below.  Waterhog Boot Trays are perfect for use in environments that have incremental weather as well as locations that allow a lot of sand, gravel, other small particles to be tracked inside.

The surface of these boot trays is just like all other Waterhog Mats, made of a commercial-grade polypropylene fiber that is stain-, fade- and mildew-resistant so as to provide the perfect drying surface for shoes and boots.  The premium-rubber backing won't hurt the floor below while preventing the boot tray from sliding around the floor.  Additionally, the water-dam border around the perimeter prevents and rain, melted snow or other liquids from running off the side of the mat and, instead, keeps it contained within the surface of the mat until it can properly dry.

These mini mats can be placed both inside as well as outdoors and hold up for years of use in both residential and commercial settings.  Being part of the Waterhog line means these mats are manufactured to meet the most demanding uses and adhere to all safety guidelines.  Plus, these boot trays come with the same unparallel warranty that's associated with all Waterhog mats.

Whether it's some dirty,  muddy or wet shoes that need to be taken off and stored at home or work boots that should be taken off once people leave the factory floor or the job site, Waterhog Boot Trays will do the job.

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