Waterhog Car Mats - All New Car Mats by Waterhog


Waterhog Car Mats

A Brand New Line of Heavy-Duty Car Mats by Waterhog


Waterhog is introducing a brand new lineup of car mats with floor mats to fit virtually any car, truck, van and SUV for the front seats, rear seats and cargo/trunk area.  Waterhog Car Mats will boast the same heavy-duty construction as their entry mat counterparts with a quick-drying, stain-resistant polypropylene surface and a gripper-backed rubber backing for superior slip-resistance.  Available in 8 popular Waterhog colors, these car floor mats will help hide dirt and debris will coordinating with the vehicle's interior.  With 6 popular surface designs, including an all rubber car mat product, Waterhog car mats are sure to fit any need and lifestyle.  One of the key features of these waterhog floor mats is the ability to cut the mats down along trim lines in order to have the mats fit the contours of the floor of the car better.

The Waterhog Car Mat product line has been reinvented with more features, more durability, better fit and more customization.  After reassessing the current car mat market, we engineering these mats to fit the needs of today's customers and the demanding environments these floor mats are exposed to.  Not only will these car mats help keep shoes clean and dry to better grip the floor pedals, but will help prevent dirt and moisture from sloshing around and falling off the sides.

The Waterhog Car Mat Classic pattern boasts a traditional diamond design, which is also one of the most popular waterhog floor mat designs in the entrance mat category.  The Waterhog Car Mat Chevron design boasts a zig-zag pattern across the entire surface of the mats.  The Personalized Waterhog Car Mats take it one step further, allowing customers to add a monogrammed letter at the base of the mat.  The Paw Print patterned Waterhog Car Mat is a more playful design, combining a raised-square/waffle pattern, similar to the Waterhog Classic Mat, with paw prints mixed in.  Waterhog Car Mat Traction offers a heavy-duty look thanks to an alternating oblong nub and square pattern.  Finally, the Defender Waterhog Car Mats are a 100% rubber car mat, offering the same containment borders as the other waterhog car mats but a oblong nub and diamond pattern.

Although there are four standard options available - standard front mats, large front mats, rear mats and trunk mats, one of the best features with these Waterhog car mats is the ability to trim these mats to fit the contours of virtually any vehicle.  Cutting along these trim lines is quite easy - a sharp pair of heavy-duty scissors or a utility knife can cleanly cut through the mats, leaving a smooth, finished edge.  Regardless of how the mats are cut, the strong polypropylene surface will not unravel or pull out.  If no trimming is needed, the mats will simply have an extra barrier around the perimeter to help prevent dirt and water from moving around or draining off.

Although Waterhog mats are effective at removing dirt and debris and keeping moisture from sloshing around, these mats are quite low maintenance and easy to clean.  Simply shaking out, sweeping or vacuuming should remove most of the day to day dirt.  The mats can also be hosed down or even wash in a washing machine (though this is certainly not necessary for cleaning) and air dried.  Unlike competitor products, waterhog car mats help promote a clean car floor and safe driving experience due to their high/low surface pattern and durable polypropylene surface, which is stain, fade and mildew resistant.

With all the different designs, colors, customization and durability of the Waterhog Car Mat product line, user will surely be satisfied with these mats regardless of the style or environment these car mats are used in.

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