Waterhog Classic Mats vs Waterhog Fashion Mats

Several of our most popular Waterhog mats are available in two different styles - the Waterhog Classic Mats come with the traditional, black beveled border while the Waterhog Fashion Mats (also called the Waterhog Classic Fashion Mats) are manufactured with matching fabric border.  We often get the question: which version of the waterhog mat will be best for me, and the answer is that it depends on several factors, all of which will be explored below.

The first consideration when deciding between the Waterhog Classic versus the Waterhog Fashion mats is the environment in which the mat will be used.  Although not always the case, the classic version, with the heavy-duty black rubber construction, is deployed in high-traffic / heavy-use areas including schools, office buildings, hospitals and busy retail stores where hundreds or even thousands of people traverse across the mats each day.  These rubber borders are simply an extension of the rubber backing and hold up well, show little wear and also require less maintenance.  The Fashion mats are more often placed in areas that encounter less rolling traffic (carts, dollies, hand trucks) and/or less overall traffic, though they are still engineered to handle high-traffic locations.

The second factor when choosing between the Waterhog Classic Mats and the Waterhog Classic Fashion Mats is the look, which, of course, is a subjective measurement.  Some people like the look of the black rubber border, stating that it has a more traditional appearance, contrasts nicely with the surface material or surface pattern and/or has the effect of framing the mat itself.  Those that prefer the matching fabric edge cite the ability for the border to blend with the rest of the mat, thus have a less commercial (ie, 'softer' or more residential) look to it (almost like a rug).  This can be especially true when the surface color of the mat is a light color or one that contrasts greatly with the black rubber.

Although most commonly found on the Waterhog Classic, the two border options are also available on the Waterhog Premier mats (the Waterhog Premier versus the Waterhog Premier Fashion mats).  All the same pros and cons listed above apply to the premier version of this product (that offers a diamond pattern surface, more colors and a greater face weight for better water absorption and durability).  This option is also available on the Waterhog Logo Floor Mats and the Waterhog Eco Elite Mats.  (Many other waterhog products, however, only come with either the black rubber or the matching fabric border, but not both options).

Regadless of the style chosen - whether it be the traditional black rubber beveled edges or the matching fabric borders - these waterhog mats are designed to expertly remove dirt, debris and moisture from shoes regardless of the location, weather or environment the mats are used and therefore you can never go wrong with a waterhog floor mat!

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