Waterhog Floor Mats is now Waterlock Floor Mats

As products and product lines evolve so to do product names: going forward, the Waterhog Floor Mats brand and dedicated website will now all be nestled under the Waterlock Floor Mats division. The tried and true Waterhog products will retain their respective Waterhog names, as these time-tested floor mats have built quite a following and a reputation over the years. Only the name of the overarching brand and website will have a slightly different ring to it. All Waterhog mats will continue to be made in the same facilities, with the same American-sourced materials and carry the same durability and warranty as before. Any mats purchased previously. Will look and feel and function identically to mats purchased today. This corporate rebranding is a way to better describe and highlight the key features of these heavy-duty floor mats. This rebranding will allow the company to expand on its matting capabilities while allowing it to introduce exciting, new products that can be easily. Easily distinguished yet seamlessly fit in with the current lineup of existing waterhog mats. "Waterlock Floor Mats looks forward to a bright future and greater focus on what we do best," says operations lead Daniel Tor. "This renaming allows the company to refocus its efforts on innovation and development while never losing focus on its core floor mat base of Waterhog mats." Any existing relationships, distributorships and customer accounts will integrate seamlessly with the new platform and any Waterhog matting purchased previously will continue to be available for future needs. Mr. Tor continues to point out, " any of our distributors or end users shouldn't even notice any difference with their current relationship, how they do business with the company or any other aspect of the product or experience moving forward." Please feel free to direct any questions or inquiries to our sales and/or customer care team.

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