Waterhog Logo Floor Mats

Waterhog Logo Mats are the industry's most popular indoor/outdoor custom logo mats. These Waterhog Mats are created using a unique process producing detailed logo designs. Custom Waterhog Mats feature a unique waffle surface pattern that effectively scrapes shoes clean and dry and help remove moisture from shoes and boots.

• Waterhog Logo Floor Mats are made via a precision inlay process in which the portion of the mat that displays the logo is removed and the corresponding colors are inserted in this cut out area (just like a jigsaw puzzle). Then the entire Waterhog Logo Matting is securely bonded to the sturdy rubber backing, which makes a detailed, durable and eye-catching logo mat for years of effective use.

• Personalized Waterhog Logo Mats contain a water dam border that can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, thus containing water and dirt on the mat and off the floors.

• Waterhog's surface is constructed from an anti-static polypropylene fabric that dries quickly and will not fade or rot.

• NO artwork or setup charges

** Please use Logo Instructions box to indicate specific instructions for logo placement and color.

** An artist's proof of the Waterhog Logo Mat will be emailed to you for approval before manufacturing.

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Waterhog Logo Floor Mats

Standard Configuration

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All-Rubber Logo Floor Mats

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Waterhog Eco Elite Inlay Logo Mats

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Waterhog Impressions HD Logo Mats

Waterhog Impressions HD Logo Mats

High Def detail for intricate designs
Incredible precision for fine lines
Color palette of over 50 colors
As low as $138.68
Standard Sizes (Approximate)
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1 $167.82
2-10 $136.70
11-25 $117.98
26+ $114.62
1 $258.10
2-10 $214.96
11-25 $187.92
26+ $184.98
1 $283.52
2-10 $240.40
11-25 $212.02
26+ $209.16
1 $476.28
2-10 $431.90
11-25 $391.60
26+ $388.76
1 $558.40
2-10 $491.08
11-25 $462.14
26+ $450.88
1 $815.74
2-10 $722.56
11-25 $685.88
26+ $670.22
1 $962.38
2-10 $861.50
11-25 $820.48
26+ $802.68
1 $401.38
2-10 $356.72
11-25 $321.68
26+ $318.78
1 $475.86
2-10 $423.90
11-25 $401.82
26+ $392.36
1 $604.62
2-10 $557.62
11-25 $511.22
26+ $508.32
1 $713.24
2-10 $635.56
11-25 $602.72
26+ $588.52
1 $999.48
2-10 $896.66
11-25 $854.16
26+ $835.44
1 $1,183.22
2-10 $1,070.72
11-25 $1,022.42
26+ $999.86
1 $713.24
2-10 $636.04
11-25 $602.72
26+ $588.52
1 $1,002.82
2-10 $899.84
11-25 $854.42
26+ $833.10
1 $1,331.58
2-10 $1,211.28
11-25 $1,157.12
26+ $1,130.14
1 $1,593.12
2-10 $1,455.60
11-25 $1,392.78
26+ $1,361.02
Custom Sizes - Per Sq. Ft. (Approximate)
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1 $20.87
2-10 $16.46
11-25 $15.19
26+ $14.86
1 $16.80
2-10 $14.87
11-25 $14.20
26+ $13.88
1 $18.37
2-10 $16.38
11-25 $15.52
26+ $15.15

Customer Questions & Answers

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Is there a limit to the number of colors I can include in the logo on my Waterhog floor mat?
- Darnell A.

The Waterhog Logo Floor Mats can include as many colors as your logo design requires (at no additional charge).  We never restrict or limit the number of colors that you can include on your Waterhog Logo Floor Mat.

Will the colors rub off or fade away from the Waterhog Logo floormats?
- Adam J.

The Waterhog Logo Floor Mat uses a commercial-grade polypropylene surface material that is stain-, fade- and mildew-resistant.  The colors embedded in the polypropylene will not get rubbed off, even with constant with foot traffic nor will the sun or rain wash or fade away the colors.  Waterhog mats remain vibrant for many, many years regardless of the environment!

Are there any set of fees or additional costs associated with these logo mats?
- Tisha G.

The prices shown on the product page are the total cost associated with the Waterhog Logo Floor Mats . There are no additional set of fees, color fees, nor any other costs to produce these custom-designed Waterhog floor mats.

We have a grand opening this Wednesday! Are we able to get a Waterhog Logo Floor Mat in hand on time for the grand opening?
- Horatio G.

Certainly - Please give us a call or email us right away with the design, size, and quantity of the logo mats that you need and we feel quite confident that we can get the custom mats in hand for your event.

Are the Waterhog Logo Floor Mats manufactured domestically?
- Josephine R.

Absolutely! All Waterhog Mats, including the custom Waterhog Logo Matting, is produced here in the US with American-sourced raw materials.

What's the difference between the Waterhog Logo Floor Mats vs the Waterhog Impressions HD mats?
- Christina M.

Both of these custom logo mats feature the uncompromising Waterhog attributes including a heavy-duty rubber backing and a durable, stain- and fade-resistant polypropylene surface. With the traditional Waterhog Logo Floor Mat, the area containing the logo is removed from the base material and the appropriate colors are inlaid into the mat, much like a jigsaw puzzle.  With the Waterhog Impressions HD mats, high-definition colors are injection-dyed into the surface fabric.  This process allows for a greater range of colors, greater detail, shading & fading effects, and an all-around sharper looking design. Both Waterhog products hold up well in high-traffic, indoors / outdoor environments.  Most designs can be produced with the standard Waterhog (inlay) Logo Floor Mat product though some more complicated designs or those needing more special effects will benefit from the Waterhog Impressions High Definition (HD) product.

What is the difference between a horizontal layout and a vertical layout on the Waterhog Logo Floor Mat?
- Rudolph R.

When looking straight ahead, if the mat is wider than it is taller (like the shape of a dollar bill, for example) then it's considered a horizontal layout.  (In other words, the mat is larger left to right than it is up and down.)  Conversely, a vertical layout is more like a skyscraper in which the Waterhog Mat appears taller than it is wider.

If I only want text (basically, just my building address) on the mat, are you able to put a design proof together to show me what that would look like?
- Jimmy F.

No problem. A design proof is always sent for approval regardless of the design (or lack thereof), the number of colors, the quantity of mats, etc.  We need to make sure that everyone has the same idea of what the mat should look like before these custom Waterhog Mats go into production.

The PTA is donating mats to the school this year. We want to add the school's mascot as well as a note stating that it's a gift from this year's class. Can you add the extra text if we tell you what we want to say and the color we want it to be in?
- Tolula h.

Any combination of existing or new artwork (whether the artwork comes from us, from the customer or combination) and additional messages, text or just about anything else can be included on a custom Waterhog Logo Mat.  Simply provide us with the wording you want to include, the font (if there's a preference), the color you want as well as the location of the text on the mat, and then the Design Team can get an art proof together for you quickly and easily.

How do we decide which Waterhog colors will most closely match those in my logo?
- Joey B.

Excellent question!  Each of the artists on the design team has excellent familiarity with all the color options and will do a great job matching the available colors that are most closely aligned with the colors in your artwork.

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