Waterhog Mats: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Waterhog Mats including their construction, features, options and how they're made!  We hope you find the quick reference below helpful but if you don't find the answer you're looking for, simply Contact Us via email, call or instant message and we'll get back to you quickly with the answer.


Q: Where are Waterhog Mats made?

A: All Waterhog floor mats are proudly manufactured in the United States from American-sourced raw materials.


Q: How much water can Waterhog Mats hold?

A: Whether it be rain, sleet, hail or snow, Waterhog Mats can retain up to 1.5 gallons per square yard (more than a pint per square foot).  Additionally, waterhog floor mats with the Water Dam Border prevent any moisture from flowing off the sides of the mat and onto the surrounding floor, helping to keep the floor safe and dry.


Q: Can Waterhog Mats be customized?

A: Many waterhog mats, including the Waterhog Classic, Waterhog Classic Fashion, Waterhog Masterpiece and Waterhog Eco Elite mats are available in 3', 4' and 6' widths and 1' incremental lengths up to 60' long (though most mats are not really directional and either side could be considered the width and either side the length).  Other mats, including the Waterhog Premier, Waterhog Premier Fashion, Waterhog Diamond Cord, Waterhog Grand Premier and Eco Premier Mats, are available in the standard sizes listed as well as longer lengths for extra-long runners.  Additionally, Waterhog Mats can be customized with virtually any design, emblem, seal or company logo.


Q: How are Waterhog Mats cleaned?

A: Vacuuming will remove most of the day-to-day dirt and debris that is pulled off by the scraping nature of these heavy-duty Waterhog entry mats.  Shaking out the mats can also help release dust and fine particles.  To remove mud and salts, simply hose off and air/hang dry.  Although not necessary, these Waterhog entry mats can be cleaned with shampoo or steam extraction methods for a deeper cleaning.


Q: How quickly do the Waterhog Mats ship out?


A: All standard-sized Waterhog mats ship out in just a few days, while custom-sized mats can take a day or two longer, though we're always happy to RUSH out an order fast if needed in hurry.  For Custom designed logo mats, a design proof will be rendered and emailed for approval/updates within about a day.  If any changes are needed, we can update the design within hours.  Upon approval, these mats take approximately four days to produce before shipping out.  Orders typically ship out via UPS Ground though faster shipping is certainly available.  Larger orders may ship out on a freight truck.  Tracking is sent via email once goods ship out.


Q: What backings options are available?

A: Two different backing are available depending on the type of floor the Waterhog matting is placed on.  A gripper (or cleated) backing is ideal for use on a carpeted floor, as it grips the carpet fibers best.  A smooth backing is the better option for use on a hard floor surface including wood, tile, concrete, marble, vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo and asphalt since it will have the most surface area contact with the floor below.


Q: What types of flooring are Waterhog Mats designed for?

A: Waterhog mats can be placed on virtually any type of flooring surface.  They are designed to hold in place better than most other matting products, especially vinyl-backed mats.  Additionally, the premium rubber used will not break down, even with high-traffic, constant use.


Q: Will any Waterhog Mat damage or stain the floor?

A: As outlined in the question above, Waterhog mats are engineered for use on just about any flooring surface.  Virtually every time damage occurs, the culprit is water that's leaked under the mat or moisture that's risen up from below the floor and not allowed to evaporate.  If you ever suspect moisture problems in or around your flooring, periodically take up the mats and check and, if moisture is present, simply let the space air dry before replacing the mat on the floor.


Q: How does the Waterhog Classic Mat differ from the Waterhog Fashion Mat (or the Waterhog Premier Mat vs. the Waterhog Premier Fashion Mat)?

A: The fashion version of any Waterhog mat refers to the matching fabric edging around the perimeter of the mat.  Although the traditional edging is a black, beveled rubber, which provides a visible "framing" around the mat, the Fashion (or matching fabric) version has become a popular alternative and offers a "softer, less industrial look" for some customers.


Q: What's the best waterhog mat?  For outdoors?  For indoors?

A: This is a tough question as there is not a straightforward answer and it really depends on the situation.  All Waterhog Mats are commercial-grade floor mats designed to scrape away dirt and debris and hold up for heavy-duty use for many years.  Some styles of Waterhog offer cosmetic or aesthetic differences, such as color, while other designs have a more appropriate use whether it be for multi-directional scraping, drainage borders or other features.  Our top pick for the best Waterhog Mat for outdoors would be either the Waterhog Fashion Drainage Mats thanks to their ability to allow water and moisture to disperse from the mat, keeping the walking surface drier and more effective, or the Waterhog ECO Premier and Grand Premier Mats, due to their multi-directional scraping action, dense face weight to remove extra water and snow and environmentally friendly recycled content.  Add in all the sizes and colors and these mats are a sure-fire winner.  The best indoor Waterhog Mats would be the Waterhog Masterpiece Mats thanks to their basketweave pattern that removes dirt and excessive moisture or the Waterhog Premier or Waterhog Premier Fashion for their durable construction, myriad of sizes and colors and different edging options available.  Regardless of the Waterhog mat chosen, you're sure to be pleased with the performance, long life and cleaning ability.


Q: How long / how large can a Waterhog Mat be manufactured?

A: While our smallest door mat size is 18" x 27" (about 1.5' x 2.5'), most waterhog floor mats can be produced up to 6' wide and up to 60' long - (with incremental widths of 3', 4' and 6' and 1' incremental lengths from 3' to 60').  Please note that these mats are not directional and are equally effective laid out width x length or length x width.


Q: What percentage of the Waterhog Mat is made from recycled material?

A: Please note that all of our mats (regardless of the recycled content) meet the same high standards for quality and durability and we stand behind everything we sell.  The standard (ie, non-ECO version) mats have a 20% pre-consumer recycled rubber content, while the ECO (ie, environmentally-friendly version) also includes a 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene surface.


Q: Are free samples available of every Waterhog product?

A: Yes!  Every day we send out thousands of samples and offer virtually every product in every color so that customers can examine the construction, color, thickness, material, door clearance and many other aspects of these mats.  The samples themselves are cut pieces of the actual products.


Q: Are free custom logo design proofs available for every logo mat product?

A: Yes!  Every day our Art Department and Customer Service folks are in constant communication with customers, providing free design proofs (with unlimited, free revisions), helping improve and update designs and finding the right colors and layouts for every custom logo mat we make.


Q: How can you offer a Low Price Guarantee?

A: We want to be sure that we provide you with the best possible floor matting at the fairest price and that's why we can offer the lowest delivered cost for these products.


Q: What is the manufacturing warranty / extended warranty for Waterhog Mats?

A: All Waterhog floor mats come with a manufacturing warranty that ensures that every mat we produce will meet the high standards set for these commercial-grade mats, including coverage for the construction, edging, backing and surface material.  Furthermore, all Waterhog Mats come with an extended warranty should the mat significantly deteriorate down the road.


Q: How well do Waterhog Mats hold up for use outside?

A: Waterhog Mats are manufactured for use both outside and indoors.  The rubber backing will not curl up or crack due to extreme temperatures or sun exposure.  Additionally, the anti-static, polypropylene surface is fade-, mildew- and rot-resistant.


Q: Do Waterhog Mats pose a tripping hazard?

A: All Waterhog door mats come with a beveled (sloped) edge on all sides of the mat as a standard policy.  This allows for a smoother transition on and off the mat, especially for older individuals who use a walker, people who may shuffle their feet or those in a wheelchair.  The sloped edges also make it easier to roll carts and dollies on and off the mats.  Women in high heels can easily walk across these mats without fear of getting a heel caught in the textured surface.  (Please note that Waterhog tiles are designed to be adhered in place in a floor recess and in wall-to-wall applications and the Fashion Drainage mats have low-profile edging around the perimeter).  Waterhog door mats are in compliance with ADA (American with Disabilities Act) guidelines.  Additionally, these mats are certified as safe using OSHA's standards for slip resistance (ASTM C 1028-89 Static Coefficient of Friction Dry 0.70).  Furthermore, these mats have been certified slip-resistant by the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute).


Q: How thick are Waterhog Mats and will there be enough door clearance?

A: All waterhog door mats are approximately 3/8" thick (less than 1/2 of an inch).  One way to verify door clearance is to take a stack of playing cards and place them next to the door.  Slowly swing the door open and measure the height of the cards left on the stack after the higher-stacked cards get knocked off.  (Although every door is different, most doors have at least 1/2" or more of clearance.)  Alternatively, we're happy to send out a free cut sample of any product to test the actual material in front of the door.  (Please note that Waterhog floor tiles are produced in both 1/4" and 7/16" thicknesses and are typically placed in a recess (depression) in the floor or installed wall-to-wall in a vestibule or airlock area.


Q: Are Waterhog Mats a fire hazard?

A: Waterhog mats are not a fire hazard and all waterhog matting passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70.  Additionally, Waterhog mats are anti-static and have a maximum average voltage of 1.6 KV as measured by the AATCC 134 Electrostatic Propensity Test and meet IBM’s minimum standard for electrical resistance (NFPA99). Waterhog mats are safe for use in computer rooms and around electronic equipment.

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