Waterhog Mats with Anchor Safe Backing


Waterhog Mats with Anchor Safe Backing

A patented, heavier-duty backing designed for use with cart traffic and high foot traffic


Waterhog Mats have always been offered with the two traditional backing options: either a gripper (standard cleated) backing, which was designed for use on carpeted floors, and a smooth backing, which was recommended for use on hard floor surfaces, including tile, marble, wood, vinyl and concrete.  Now, a revolutionary new backing is available - Anchor Safe.  Anchor Safe Backing is composed of a heavier-duty rubber emblazoned with a patented, industrial-grade gripper design to hug the floor and keep the mat firmly in place in areas with cart traffic and heavy foot traffic.

The Waterhog Mat product family, already a staple in the floor mat industry for it's effective cleaning abilities and superb durability, is now being offered with the Anchor Safe Backing.  This backing, which is 28% heavier and boasts an alternating-clamp gripper system, works extremely well, even in high traffic locations, to prevent the waterhog mats from moving or even bunching up when carts roll across the surface.

These anchor safe system thus helps to reduce the time and effort to frequently reposition the mats in areas with constant cart traffic and also helps prevent any trip and fall accidents from mats that scoot or bunch up.  Furthermore, the anchors allow the mat to be easily picked up for cleaning or floor maintenance, which is more cumbersome if any adhesive or floor tape were to be used instead of an anchor safe backing.

Although slightly thicker, Waterhog Mats with the Anchor Safe Backing all still have the beveled (sloped) border around the perimeter of each mat to ensure a safe, easy transition on and off the mat, whether simply walking across or pushing a (heavy) cart.  These beveled borders are still available in the traditional black rubber border and, on products currently available with a matching fabric (fashion) border, this option will still exist.

Waterhog Mats with AnchorSafe Backing are ideal for use in areas with high cart traffic/wheeled traffic (and high foot traffic as well).  These include locations such as grocery markets, retail stores, schools, office buildings with wheeled carts and delivery dollies, as well as hospitals, outpatient facilities or anywhere else hospital beds, wheelchairs or stretchers may be in use.

As of this publication, the Anchor Safe backing is available for sale on the Waterhog Classic and Waterhog Premier mats though it will be available on virtually all Waterhog Mats shortly.  Should a mat be need and not currently offered with anchor safe, please reach out directly and we will accommodate all requests.

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