Waterhog Stair Treads - Step Coverings for Any Occasion


Waterhog Stair Treads

At the Intersection of Form and Function for Step Coverings

Waterhog Stair Treads help beautify any set of stairs while providing the necessary traction to help prevent slip and fall accidents. These Waterhog treads come in a variety of patterns and a wide range of colors to coordinate with any decor. Also, thanks to their unique, polypropylene construction and sturdy rubber backing, these Waterhog stair treads can be used both indoors as well as outside.

Waterhog stare treads are constructed the same way as the commercial-grade Waterhog Entrance Mats, just in a smaller size and shape to conform to stairs. That means the same heavy-duty, long-lasting materials are used in the manufacturing of these treads to ensure durability and a long life, even in higher traffic locations.  A polypropylene fabric with a high / low surface design adds both style and function by scraping dirt and debris off of shoes while also removing moisture and enhancing traction. The solid rubber backing ensures that nothing leaks through and prevents stretching and curling.  Using Waterhog Stair Tread Grip Tape with these treads ensures that they stay firmly in place.

What started as a single design and a handful of colors as an accessory product has now grown into a much larger Waterhog collection in itself.  There are currently 13 uniquely different surface patterns available. These 13 designs speak to different tastes but all have the same durability and traction expected from any Waterhog product.  And to these designs a wide range of colors to coordinate with virtually any environment and suddenly the possibilities are endless.  Whether it's the more traditional classic or diamond patterns or something more whimsical like the brick or dogwood patterns, surely there's a design to fit any space.

Water hog stair treads all come with the same, industry-leading warranty, as these products are built to last. Knowing that safety is a top priority whether that be for children, the elderly, pets, or just about anyone else, Waterhog Stair Treads will continue to provide aesthetics and function for years to come.

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