Rubber Scraper Logo Mats

Rubber Scraper Logo Mats are all-rubber custom logo mats. The logo is produced from a high-quality, unlimited-color palette bonded to the rubber, which creates an attractive, commercial-grade logo doormat. These floor mats feature containment borders, which protect your floors by trapping dirt, oil and water.

• Made with commercial-grade, 100% Nitrile rubber.

• Slip-resistant, even when wet.

• Ideal logo floor mats for use both indoors and outside.

• Bi-level surface design scrapes dirt and debris and traps water within this custom mat's containment borders.

• Easy to clean: simply shake out or hose off and dry.

** PLEASE NOTE: An artist's proof of the logo floor mat will be emailed to you for approval before production.

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Rubber Scraper Logo Mats

Standard Configuration

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)
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1 $159.04
2-10 $93.91
11-25 $84.52
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1 $175.16
2-10 $130.85
11-25 $115.98
26+ $113.16
1 $182.95
2-10 $137.21
11-25 $120.74
26+ $118.33
1 $388.04
2-10 $305.69
11-25 $262.88
26+ $257.63
1 $229.32
2-10 $187.02
11-25 $177.67
26+ $175.89
1 $414.01
2-10 $351.91
11-25 $334.32
26+ $330.97
1 $465.77
2-10 $395.90
11-25 $356.31
26+ $352.74
1 $621.01
2-10 $527.86
11-25 $475.07
26+ $470.32

Customer Questions & Answers

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Will I see a design proof before the mat is made?
- Stuart F.

Absolutely!  Our Art Department design team will put together a digital rendering of how your logo will look on the mat, showing the proper sizing, colors and overall layout and then email it to you for your review and approval.  If any design modifications are needed, we're happy to update the design proof accordingly and send it right back over.  No mats are manufactured without customer approval.

Can you explain the Layout: Horizontal and Vertical options?
- Glenn F.

Sure!  Horizontal is the more common layout - it has the logo displayed in a landscape arrangement (think of a dollar bill: wider left to right and shorter top to bottom).  For a vertical layout everything is swapped: the logo appears in a portrait view in which the overall dimensions are greater in the height and narrower in the width (think of a skyscraper).

Can I use more than 1 logo design on a mat? Can I add text as well?
- John O.

Yes and yes!  Although adding more logos requires that they be smaller so they can fit, we're happy to add as many as needed.  Also, messages, phone numbers, websites and any other text can easily be added in any color and font.

Are these logo mats entirely rubber?
- Paul P.

Rubber Scraper Logo Mats are made from 100% pure, premium-grade Nitrile rubber. This all-rubber construction allows these mats to work great outdoors, even in the harshest environments, to scrape dirt, debris, snow and gravel from shoes and boots. Moisture will not be absorbed into these rubber logo mats.

What if I don't have a logo? Do you have artwork we can use or can we just use text?
- Nancy W.

We house an extensive collection of available designs (all free to use) that can be found by clicking on the 'Search Our Logo Mat Database' button.  From there simply type what you're looking for.  For instance, if you enter the word "tiger" a myriad of different tiger images will appear.  You can take a design as is or mix and match images, colors, wording, etc.  If simple text is what's needed, that can easily be put together for you as well in many different colors, fonts and layouts to choose from.

How thick is a rubber scraper logo mat? I just want to make sure it'll clear a door when opening and closing.
- Tony C.

These Rubber Scraper Logo Mats are right around 1/4" thick and should be fine for use in virtually any entryway given their low profile design.

Can I get a digital design proof without placing an order / submitting my credit card info? How long does it take?
- Shannon G.

We're happy to offer free logo mat design proofs to see what the logo design will look like on the mat before placing a formal order.  These no-cost proofs take about 1 day to create and will be emailed to you once ready.  Should any updates or modifications be needed, these can typically be accomplished same/next day.  We work with you until you're completely satisfied with the way the logo mat proof looks and only produce mats once we receive approval to proceed.

How do you clean the rubber scraper mats with a logo?
- Emeril J.

These all-rubber logo mats are very low maintenance.  Simply shake out to remove debris. Should the mats get very muddy, they can always be hosed off as needed.

How is the logo adhered to the mat?
- Mario B.

When producing Rubber Scraper Logo Mats, the logo is first printed on a clear, protective film with UV-stable dyes. Once cured, the logo design is then transferred onto the Nitrile rubber via a heat press.  Molding the logo onto the surface in this way provides a protective layer against daily foot traffic and the elements. Once complete, the logo is fully embedded into the rubber so as to provide a long, useful life cleaning shoes and boots, often in an outdoor environment.

I'm thinking about using the rubber scraper logo mat behind a valet stand at a hotel. Would this be a good option?
- Paula D.

Rubber Scraper logo mats work great outdoors to promote your brand while also cleaning shoes and holding up to the elements. Being approximately 1/4" thick, these mats will provide some relief when standing on your feet all day. However, you may want to consider the Anti-Fatigue Logo Mats which have a similar surface construction to the Rubber Scraper Logo product but benefit from a soft, cushiony foam backing that is designed to provide relief to the back, legs, knees and feet to those who are standing for hours at a time. The anti-fatigue logo product has a total thickness of 5/8" with tapered edges on all sides.

I'm with a marketing agency and we're looking for a product placement floormat with a logo that can be used in front of checkout counters in convenience stores. With this product be ideal?
- Andrew Z.

Although the Rubber Scraper Logo Mat would have many of the features and benefits for point-of-sale advertising, you would possibly be better off with the Floor Poster Rubber Logo Mats. This product is similar in that it's also an all-rubber logo mat but comes in different surface patterns (including a smooth surface which may be ideal depending on the complexity of the design) and also has a printable area that goes virtually edge to edge.

Will road salts used during snow storms damage these logo mats?
- Sandra L.

Rubber Scraper Logo Mats are designed for exterior use and will hold up when exposed to the elements including rain, sun, snow and even salts that are tossed on the ground during storms.

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